Greenday are one of the worlds biggest bands, selling over 65 million albums worldwide and continuously touring the world with jaw dropping live shows to continued rave revues

The Green Day show is committed to replicating the same atmosphere as the legends themselves, allowing our shores to contionusly enjoy one of the greatest live bands we have ever seen

Playing all the hits (not an easy task with so many to choose from) combined with an energetic live perfomance The Green Day Show is sure to please even the most fussy of fans.


GUITAR/VOCS: Rick Fensom (Billie Joe Armstrong)

After many years in the music industry Rick has taken on the covers scene in a big way, and this Green day show is no exception.

Going to extreme lengths to ensure the true feel of a green day show is apparent at each and every gig.

Now a full time musician Rick says "How do people call this work? they dont say your "playing" a gig for nothing", an attitude that shows in the live performance.

After working with many other Sydney based bands (Big Night Out, 031 Rock show, Replika and Big top show to name a few) both full time and as a session player, Rick has really found his feet doing this Green day show


BASS/BACKING VOCS: Andrew Furze (Mike Dirnt)

Andrew is a very accomplished musician and is currently the music producer of the hit TV show the X-Factor

Replicating the "Mike Dirnt sound" in addition to great backing vocals and an energetic stage presence, Andrew adds another dimension to the live feel

Moving up recently form Melbourne he has been welcomed into the Sydney music scene with open arms.


DRUMS: Nick Felicce (Tre Cool)

Best known as the always smiling sound guy from Scruffy Murphys, Nick is the perfect man for the job when it comes to pounding the skins in Tre Cool like fashion.

With a lengthy history in hardcore original bands, the Green day set list is right up Nicks alley.